Meeting 5 – Javid MV

Work is now underway on a music video for Jane and David’s band.

After a highly useful Skype conference on January 19th, we met in person over the weekend and the following was accomplished:

– decided on the song ‘Stay in Bed’
– decided to film using green screen
– procured green cloth for the screen from Joanne’s Fabrics
– filmed a test run of various bouncing shenanigans on Kaha’s bed
– did quick edit on AfterEffects using previously filmed ‘Splat That’ stock footage
– demonstrated green screen test for Javid
– took buckylaserdisco-ball stock footage
– shot many angry birds at evil pigs…
– …and tossed many buckyturds (China retains title)


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One Response to Meeting 5 – Javid MV

  1. Sekahng says:

    I thought the Slovs won

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