Meeting 4 – Lightbulb Promo

We had a quick but useful meeting today. Here’s what transpired:

1: Deliciously enormous amounts of food were had: Breakfast burritos with eggs, salsa, cheese and beans, and crispy hash browns inside. Then to top it off, one of Veronika’s signature nilla wafer + banana cream cakes for Kaha’s birthday.

2: After a refreshing walk, much talk was made over Ray’s latest work on 3ds max. Ideas on how to continue with the lightbulb visual were discussed alongside several presentations by Ray.

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One Response to Meeting 4 – Lightbulb Promo

  1. Sekahng says:

    Merry Christmas errbuddies!

    Thought i’d get back to work on the AIGA Fellows-ness. Wondering if anyone got a chance to look at the jpgs I posted of the final Fellows man profile when the constellation is formed.

    Give me your thoughts!

    And where be Ray’s explode tiff? We should start cleaning out the Dropbox as its getting full

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