AIGA LA Fellows Meeting

What was supposed to be a soggy day in L.A. turned out to be quite nice. Here’s what we accomplished today:

– ate some palacinky pancakes & cornbread for breakfast! mmmmmm…
– went over some of kong’s explosion & particle footage, along with the music/sfx that albert added.
– spent a few hours molding some clay figurines, and photographing them. We need to figure out how well the clay will work with aftereffects particle explosions…
– served up a tasty spaghetti/sausage/corn meal for lunch.

See you all after Thanksgiving!

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4 Responses to AIGA LA Fellows Meeting

  1. itemdefect says:

    Hey albert, nice job comping out the figures.

    Fo yo infos, did a quick test with a claymate and my mind is exploding with excitement. i think it may be very possible to use the claymates to move in very complex ways. I think we can take a photo of a ball of clay too, to use as my particle element, so you can see the texture and shadows in it, which will help mesh the two mediums. May need to redo the light bulb too to match it all.

    unsure what color is most neutral so that we can tint it to anything we wanted. My guess is a neutral grey, but mebbe someone can research dis or already knows.

    i’ll let ya’ll know when i’ve got things to show you

  2. itemdefect says:

    so i just realized this, but kaha’s claymate gets kicked in the face…

    apples don’t fall too far from the tree

  3. Albert says:


    the apple does not fall far from the tree

    1. A child grows up to be very similar to its parents, both in behavior and in physical characteristics.

    Now I’m even more confused…

  4. Sanji says:

    Kaha’s child (his claymate) engages in typically kaha-esque behavior (getting kicked in da face).

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