Meeting 2 – AIGA Fellows + SKDTV

Download storyboard from the meeting here.

Our preliminary meeting on projects slated for end of ’10 was highly productive. Following was accomplished:

1: Yummy lasagna was made from scratch (remember more sauce next time!).

2: Yummy Portos was had (Sanji’s first time!).

3: Discussed possible storyboards for AIGA fellows promo. Settled on Veronika’s basic theme, added ‘idea’ idea, worked out claymation possibilities, discussed preliminary light bulb shatter imagery and CG to claymation transitions.

4: Introduced SKDTV project. Ray gave basic overview. Some ideas were discussed, but nothing settled. Logo production was prioritized and lengthy session was dedicated to mocking up potential logo ideas and creative substrate. Presentation of logo concepts concluded session.

5: Dates for future meetings and work schedule was established.

6: Potential desert stargazing trip was discussed, abandoned.

7: Night of insanity ensued.

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