Banana Fap

The product of our labor today.

Banana Fap:

Experimentations in viral cuteness:

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Meeting 5 – Javid MV

Work is now underway on a music video for Jane and David’s band.

After a highly useful Skype conference on January 19th, we met in person over the weekend and the following was accomplished:

– decided on the song ‘Stay in Bed’
– decided to film using green screen
– procured green cloth for the screen from Joanne’s Fabrics
– filmed a test run of various bouncing shenanigans on Kaha’s bed
– did quick edit on AfterEffects using previously filmed ‘Splat That’ stock footage
– demonstrated green screen test for Javid
– took buckylaserdisco-ball stock footage
– shot many angry birds at evil pigs…
– …and tossed many buckyturds (China retains title)


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Meeting 4 – Lightbulb Promo

We had a quick but useful meeting today. Here’s what transpired:

1: Deliciously enormous amounts of food were had: Breakfast burritos with eggs, salsa, cheese and beans, and crispy hash browns inside. Then to top it off, one of Veronika’s signature nilla wafer + banana cream cakes for Kaha’s birthday.

2: After a refreshing walk, much talk was made over Ray’s latest work on 3ds max. Ideas on how to continue with the lightbulb visual were discussed alongside several presentations by Ray.

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French TV Station Intro – Process Process Process!

Check out this really amazing and enlightening “Making of” video for Canal Plus intro.

What really struck me about all this was the meticulous process (and it’s earnest quality–more about that later). The entire storyboard for what is a stopmotion video was created in some kind of 3d program. Then, almost every component and effect that appears was crafted in real life. Even the glowing stripes around the TV that’s on screen for less than 2 seconds were created using UV paint.

About the earnestness. I really appreciate how the filmmakers embraced the physicality of real things in this video by not going the CGI route (even when it would be extremely convenient).  Don’t get me wrong–I love CGI–just today Albert and I were slobbering over all the nifty things you can do in AE that Sekahng was showing us. But. There is something magical about real objects in real space that were crafted by a team of people. Physicality is kind of a nice constraint to have because it forces you to make sense of the thing right then and there and getting everyone involved is easier since there is no software learning curve.

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AIGA LA Fellows Meeting

What was supposed to be a soggy day in L.A. turned out to be quite nice. Here’s what we accomplished today:

– ate some palacinky pancakes & cornbread for breakfast! mmmmmm…
– went over some of kong’s explosion & particle footage, along with the music/sfx that albert added.
– spent a few hours molding some clay figurines, and photographing them. We need to figure out how well the clay will work with aftereffects particle explosions…
– served up a tasty spaghetti/sausage/corn meal for lunch.

See you all after Thanksgiving!

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Work Session breakfast tomorrow, sneak preview :)

10am @ Kaha’s.
Food: Slovak palacinky breakfast followed by balcony BBQ with work/play in between 🙂

Agenda so far:
1. Viewing of Sekahng’s awesome work on the lightbulb explosion sequence
2. Albert is going to share music ideas for Fellows
3. Test shots for claymation sequences (get ready to play with some clay!)
4. Ray’s update on SKDTV

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Meeting 2 – AIGA Fellows + SKDTV

Download storyboard from the meeting here.

Our preliminary meeting on projects slated for end of ’10 was highly productive. Following was accomplished:

1: Yummy lasagna was made from scratch (remember more sauce next time!).

2: Yummy Portos was had (Sanji’s first time!).

3: Discussed possible storyboards for AIGA fellows promo. Settled on Veronika’s basic theme, added ‘idea’ idea, worked out claymation possibilities, discussed preliminary light bulb shatter imagery and CG to claymation transitions.

4: Introduced SKDTV project. Ray gave basic overview. Some ideas were discussed, but nothing settled. Logo production was prioritized and lengthy session was dedicated to mocking up potential logo ideas and creative substrate. Presentation of logo concepts concluded session.

5: Dates for future meetings and work schedule was established.

6: Potential desert stargazing trip was discussed, abandoned.

7: Night of insanity ensued.

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